Natural Pet Foods in Orwigsburg, Schuylkill County

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Our selection of all natural pet foods and treats

At Healthy Habits Natural Market, we love our pets! Just like diet and nutrition matter to a human’s health, the same goes for our pets. Pet foods can often contain unhealthy fillers, preservatives, and low quality ingredients. We don’t want to feed any of that to our pets, so we sought out a good, healthy line of pet foods and treats.

Our main brand is Verus Pet Foods. It’s actually a brand we few our chocolate lab even before we owned the store. We had issues with his skin being dry and breaking out. After trying several different brands, we came across Verus and he hasn’t had a problem ever since. We’re now on our second lab, and both get a steady diet of Verus chicken and rice.

From the Verus website:

What Makes VéRUS So Healthy for Your Pets?

No Byproducts
These are things other than meat, such as heads, feet, underdeveloped eggs, lungs, spleens, bones, blood, etc. Byproducts are poorly digested, increasing the workload on your pet’s kidneys. Kidney failure is the second major killer of older dogs.

No Fillers
These are cheap processed grains, such as brewers rice, ground rice, wheat flour, rye flour, etc. Processed grains are stripped of their nutritional value and these empty calories contribute to excess weight gain.

No Chemical Preservatives
The average dog consumes 6 to 9 pounds of chemical additives a year in their diet. Many of the chemical additives and preservatives our pets eat are not approved for human consumption. It comes as no surprise that cancer is the #1 killer of older dogs.

The nutrition from our products is supplied through whole foods. Our take on holistic is the use of whole meats, whole grains, vitamin antioxidant preservation, incorporation of organic nutrient sources, and chelated minerals. Our foods are carefully crafted to yield the ideal levels of protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and micronutrients for your pet.

The best meal you can feed your pet is a properly prepared home diet. If you currently prepare your pet’s diet, we applaud you. If you prefer a nutritionist to formulate your pet’s food, we invite you to try one of our healthy dog and cat foods.
VéRUS Pet Foods are formulated to meet or exceed the nutritional guidelines established by AAFCO.
If you want genuine, whole health nutrition, the choice is VéRUS.

**** In addition to Verus Pet Foods, we have access to order a wide variety of brands.

natural dog and cat treats

We also carry Zukes pet treats!

For detailed information on what makes these treats so good, click here.

And last, but not least, for those of you that feed your dog raw or cooked whole animal parts, we offer this from M&B Farview Farms. They have ground chicken, beef, and organ meat (goat, pork, beef, chicken, etc).

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